Genealogy of Neir: Pairing Guide

* This text contains unmarked game spoilers, so be warned. Furthermore, the author's views about pairings are greatly narrowed. I've borrowed a lot from the Genealogy of Fala pairing guide, so I'm leaving some words of thanks here.

* Please acknowledge that, because of version updates, some info here may be obsolete.

Units' growth rates

NameBase classPromotionHPSTRMAG SKLSPDDEFRESLUK Holy bloodP. Skills
LexLord Knight-90+4050202020 40+601040Neir
JohalvierFighterVanguard80+204055020 40+30560Neir
JohanAxe KnightIron Knight70+203053050 40+30550Neir
HaroldGeneralMarshal907001010 803535-
AsvelWind MageSage5010304050 203050-
LevinSage-70+405504040+60 204040Sety
TristanSocial KnightPaladin13040203030 402545-
SigurdPrinceGold Knight80+4030+202040+2040 402040+20Baldo
HannivalGeneralDuke90+204053060+30 50550Dain
LeptorThunder MageEnchanter50+40104030+6050 203040Tordo
ZainBlade Knight-16080809585 857530-
ShananSword Eschatos-60+40403040+6060 201040Odo
AzelFire MageMage Knight50+203050+304020 254560Fala
CuanLance KnightGlory Knight70+4040+20550+2030 30+201550Noba
DewThiefNightblade50+203020+206060 2020+4060+20Blagi
TiltyuSage-60+30540+604040 540+6040Heim, Lopto
MahnyaPegasus KnightVanadis80+4060302020 50+604050Neir
DiadoraShamanSage60+20540+303040 205040Fala
MengDragon KnightLindwurm70+206053040+30 60540Dain
AdeanPriestHigh Priest8020503030 303060-
SylviaDancer-60+102020+106060 2050+2070+10Blagi
AyraBladeMercenary70+2040550+6070 251060Odo
LachesisPrincessGold Knight70+2040+30406040 304060Hezul
EltoshanValkyria-80+4050+60507040 405040Hezul

Divine weapons

I tried to list the Divine and personal weapons obtained in the story, alongside the ones able to use them. Only the second generation characters with fixed stats are listed (since the others are variable).

Personal weapon1st generation2nd generationUsers (complement)
TyrfingCh. 4 ChalphyInheritanceMajor Baldo (Sigurd and his father-inheriting child)
MirtortinCh. 3 Lachesis → EltoInheritanceMajor Hezul (Elto and Aless)
BalmungCh. 3 ShananInheritanceMajor Odo (Shanan and his father-inheriting child)
LevantineCh. 3 Odo TowerInheritanceBlagi lineage (Dew, Sylvia and their children)
Falchion-Ch. 8 CeliceAnyone with holy blood
Sieglinde-Ch. 9 FavalUlir lineage or Femina (Midayle, Femina)
Villuck SwordCh. 2 villageShopMales (Women and hets go home! - by Villuck)
Nihil SwordCh. 1 LachesisCh. 8 female captain (merc)Females (Elto can equip it as well, naturally)
Hrotti-Ch. 8 Claude Personal STR + MAG = 16 or more (No abatement from breath damage and dragon killer)
HruntingCh. 5 BrontInheritanceUlir or Hezul lineage, Blade Knight or Sagitary (others get a headache and die)
Ridill-Endgame GalzusPersonal SKL 15 (this time it doesn't sometimes attack twice or thrice, bur always twice instead)
Gae BlogCh. 5 Calf (can't be passed down)Endgame AlthenaMajor Noba (Cuan and his father-inheriting child, Carion)
Gungnir-Ch. 7 Dean → LinoanMajor Dain (Hannival x Meng, Dean)
SiegmundCh. 5 Mahnya (can't be passed down)Ch. 9 FeminaFemina and Mahnya only
SwanthikaCh. 5 Lango → LexCh. 10 Slayder → ArthurMajor Neir (Lex, Arthur and Brian)
Bolt AxePrologue Blume → LexInheritanceLex, his child and Glormel only
Ballefleche-Ch. 9 BridgetSame as Hrunting
Sarnga--Enemy only (Beigeritter and Cross Knights), Vishnu's bow that released sunfire and arrows of light
Valkyrie--Enemy only (reveals its true power when used together with the Levantine. Claude, Corple, Laylea), battle maiden who guided heroes fallen in battle to Valhalla
Falaflame-Ch. 7 CyasCyas, Azel x Diadora
Thorhammer-Ch. 10 BlumeLeptor and his father-inheriting child, Ishtar
Vígríðr--Enemy only (Blume, Ishtor), the place where Ragnarök happened.
HolsetyCh. 3 Mahnya → LevinCh. 7 ClaudeMajor Sety (Levin, Sety), those who want to know why Claude holds it in 2nd gen check the spoilers
GraphcaliburCh. 2 Levin → AsvelInheritanceAsvel and his children (in 2nd gen, Asvel joins with Finbul. Relief measure in case Graph is passed down.)
Narga-Endgame FreegeIshtar (Arthur used to be able to equip it, but no more)
Loputousu--Enemy only (Ishtor), father of Fenrir, Jörmungandr and Hel, Sigyn's husband, defeated by Heimdall
Naglfar--Enemy only (Manfloy, Lyon), a ship made from the fingernails and toenails of the dead, sailing towards Ragnarök


LachesisDelmud (father)
(Princess → Gold Knight)(Sword Knight → Blade Knight)
Skills: A → A A
Holy blood: Minor HezulNanna (mother)
Weapon levels: A B B(Trobadour → Gold Knight)
A A C → A

Mother and children are just like in the original game; therefore, it may be easy to decide what pairing to make. If you don't pay attention to Delmud's growths, there's a good chance he'll be a good-for-nothing. You'll probably want to let him inherit the Master Sword Tristan and Zain can obtain in Chapter 4. Because of the fixed Hezul blood, the kids can equip Hrunting.

MengArion (father)
(Dragon Knight → Lindwurm)(Dragon Knight → Lindwurm)
Skills: B A → A A
Holy blood: Minor DainEda (mother)
Weapon levels: B A(Dragon Knight → Lindwurm)
A A B A → A A

One of the sisters promoted to Dragon Knight. Combinations that result in immediate combat prowess (for instance, Sigurd's Tyrfing and Aether) should be preferred. By the way, Dean, Arion and Eda can use a triangle attack when combined.

Either way, the kids should already have good STR and DEF, so it would be perhaps good to aim to improve their SKL, SPD and their especially weak RES (and if possible, their bow vulnerability)?

DiadoraYurius (father)
(Shaman → Sage)(Light Mage → Dark Prince)
Skills: B → A
Holy blood: Minor FalaYuria (mother)
Weapon levels: B C A(Shaman → Queen)
B A B C A → A

This is probably the pairing where the father's skills play the biggest role. Since this hack's Dark Prince is basically unaffected by terrain, he'll be like a pegasus if he can get a Leg Ring. His Dark Level is A, but that's only because of the similarly-classed enemy Ishtor (since you can't obtain any dark tomes).

Yuria is played pretty much like in the original game. Both children can use Falaflame if Azel is their father. Cyas would be sad, but... well.

AyraSkasaher (father)
(Blade → Mercenary)(Blade → Sagitary)
Skills: A → A A
Holy blood: Minor OdoMareeta (mother)
Weapon levels: A(Blade → Sword Eschatos)
A B A → A

Shanan x Ayra would be safe here... not, since that combination would be a waste of Astra. However, they'd have good frontline activity with the Divine Sword. Anyhow, let's make a point of strengthening their wake points - DEF and RES.

AdeanCelice (father)
(Priest → High Priest)(Gold Knight)
Skills: A
Holy blood: n/aRana (mother)
Weapon levels: B(Priest → Valkyria)
A C A B → A B C

About Celice... his class ensures he'll have no inheritance issues. He receives Prayer and Continue from his mother. Even though it's related to Sigurd, I guess Celice's hair color is still good enough. Rana will generally have good MAG, thanks to Adean. She can make use of her STR stat as well as a Valkyria, but...

SylviaSleuf (father)
(Dancer)(Thief → Nightblade)
Skills: B → A
Holy blood: Minor BlagiLeen (mother)
Weapon level: C(Dancer)
- C

At first Laylea was supposed to be in Leen's place, but after thinking well about it I came to the conclusion that it'd be unnatural so I swapped them. Sleuf is a bit different from his Thracia 776 version (he's a Priest there, after all). Sleuf's STR and DEF growths are low, so we should perhaps aim to improve those. If we pair Sylvia and Shanan, he becomes a machine who can sparkle in three colors with Astra + Sol + Luna... let's just leave them like that.

ElthosanAless (mother)
(Valkyria)(Social Knight → Paladin)
Skills: * B C C → * A B B C
Holy blood: Major HezulLinoan (father)
Weapon levels: * A B(Shaman → Sage)
- B C A → B A

Since Aless has major Hezul, being able to equip the Mistortin (drains HP and provides good stat bonuses), it'd be best not to worry about him too much (although there's the danger of him getting killed via indirect attacks); instead, I believe it's needed to pay attention to the mage-type Linoan. If you pair Elto with Leptor, she'll be able to use Thorhammer, so both siblings will have Divine Weapons. Since there are few worries about Aless's defenses, let's focus on Linoan instead. Also, since Aless can't inherit magic tomes, we'd better sell any Elto might have.

Fixed pairings

Lex x Tiltyu Arthur (Lord → Master Lord; dismounted class Marshal)
* → * A

The lord's initial strength is low but, thanks to the power of Wrath + Ambush and Elite, his growth is fast. Since he has both major Heim and Neir, his growth rates are quite high. Since most of Chapter 6's enemies are knight-type and armors, he can make good use of the Urvan. If you get him to level 20 before Chapter 7 and make him a Master Lord at the start of that Chapter, things get considerably easier.

The Master Lord class has A rank in almost all weapons, better stats that the Master Knight. To boot, it dismounts into the Marshall class and Arthur gets the Aether skill. It's indeed a "cheat" class. Even then, soloing the endgame is a delicate matter (well, it's another story entirely if he has the Heim Scroll, but). By the way, the Ragnell activates Aether while the Ettard triggers Luna. You could sell the Swanthika to Brian, get Celice's starting Falchion or the Longinus obtained at Chapter 10 (Nihil is redundant), or even use the Master Axe obtained from Linoan against the small fry. In previous patches, he was able to equip Narga as well, so it'd be better to hold the Heim Scroll against Ishtor.

Levin x Mahnya Sety (Wind Mage → Sage)
* → B A * A
Femina (Pegasus Knight → Vanadis)
A → A B

In the original game, Leaf was the younger brother and Althena the elder sister but, this time around, Sety is the older and Femina the younger one. Holsety can be obtained at the end of Chapter 7, so you can use him as one of your main strikers from there on. Naturally, Sety is still strong enough with the Elwind inherited from Levin.

Femina was raised in Jungvy but is a Pegasus Knight (the strong bow users are Midayle and Skasaher). Her starting equipments are the Siegmund and the Delphi Shield, so she's useful right from joining time. Since she can't inherit staves, let's sell Mahnya's staves before she withdraws. In endgame, she gains healing utility with Recover and Reblow. Again, she's the best one for luring the Goldritter in the final chapter.

The author's pairings in the playtest were:

However, considering the latest data, if I were to plan pairings now:

Yes, that'd be appropriate.

Fixed units' growth rates

NameBase classPromotionHPSTRMAG SKLSPDDEFRESLUK Holy bloodP. Skills
DeanLindwurm-110+4050255040+60 504560Dain
CarionLance KnightGlory Knight110+4040+20550+2040 30+201560Nova
MidayleSagitary-120+2060454060 403530+30Ulir
CyasFire MageHigh Priest90+40560+605050 408050Fala
BrianIron KnightGold Knight80+407055040 60+603050Neir
IshtarShamanSage80+603050+4020+6070 7090+4090Heim, Tordo
LeafPrinceGold Knight140+2070+104070+1060 60+105080Noba
AsvelWind MageSage90308060100 507060-