Genealogy of Inflation ver. 0.6E

By (0´~`)ノ−=≡◆INF65wm8tQ

Use a Japanese FE4 Seisen no Keifu ROM with a header (4.194.816 bytes). Apply the patch to an unmodified ROM.

This is a readme, but you don't need to read the FAQ unless you've got too much free time on your hands. If you find any glitches, please report them in the Binary Thread. Those who feel like bug-catching, feel free to.

Main changes from ver. 0.6D

Now, a note about other patches. As long as $F828-$F840 are empty, you could apply this patch to a ROM that already has another patch applied... or so I believe.

Used patches

Confirmed bugs and glitches

Main changes

For detailed info on mechanics changes and class stats, refer to other text files.

List of triangle attack combinations

Critical hit activation formulae

1. Critical skill, weapon above 50*
Activation = Skill + (*-50)/2 + class adjustment + weapon critical rate - opponent's Luck

2. Critical skill, weapon below 50*
Activation = Skill + class adjustment + weapon critical rate - opponent's Luck

3. No Critical skill, weapon above 50*
Activation = Skill/2 + (*-50)/2 + class adjustment + weapon critical rate - opponent's Luck

4. No Critical skill, weapon below 50*
Activation = Skill/2 + class adjustment + weapon critical rate - opponent's Luck

5. Triangle Attack, effective weaponry, Wrath
Activation = 100 - opponent's Luck

Genealogy of Inflation - FAQ

Q. There are too many people with Holy Blood. What happened?
A. This derives from the author's wild idea of putting obtainable Divine Weapons in the 2nd gen, please understand. An arrangement that allows use of Thorhammer and Falaflame is recommended. If you do Azel x Tiltyu, then both children will be able to use them. Others would be Lex x Tiltyu and Azel x Sylvia. By the way, let's pair Claude and Lachesis, since Nanna can use Valkyrie as well.

Q. Again, about the Holy Blood excess.
A. The first reason was to make them attractive for pairings. The second reason was clearly to create some growth rate differentiation. Well, something like that.

Q. Details about Thorhammer being duplicated.
A. Since the old man at the repair shop can fix even Divine Weapons, I had the wild idea that they could be duplicated as well. Basically, the main issue would be whether the user can draw its power or not, just like a sword out of its scabbard. As far I remember, the Thorhammer Ishtar uses in Chapter 10 was duplicated by Yurius for her, at the risk of his own life... or something like that.

Q. Why can Celice use Senkouken?
A. According to Ch. 10's convo, Shanan has teached him swordplay since his childhood. It's apparently surprisingly easy to learn, as some substitutes and enemies have this odd skill as well. Surely they've been haunted by Levin? I mean, since he knew of Loputousu's ability, he induced Celice to learn Senkouken. Why not? Just a wild idea.

Q. About the balance collapse because of the hit formula and weight compensation.
A. It's just your imagination. Really.

Q. About swords' and wind magic's lightweightness being nullified due to the weapon compensation.
A. It's just your imagination. Really.... okay, I guess not. Come on, stop worrying about balance!

Q. About the Valkyrie-wielding characters...
A. Don't think too hard! Feel it! Then shoot!! I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

Q. Isn't the Jungvy triangle a bit pointless?
A. Surrounding an opponent with Canto, then having Patty or Rana attack from close should be a good idea, for sure.

Q. About Althena and Arion (Final Chapter) being secretly set as siblings.
A. Doesn't really matter. Look, there. A bird. Anyway, it won't activate unless Arion and Althena are adjacent, attacking Nihil-less mooks.

Q. There are too many personal skills and the growths are too high. Think about balance.
A. It's Inflation. If you're unhappy, please adjust them yourself.

Q. The enemies have been becoming stronger with each update, right?
A. It's because it was too easy.

Q. About the items becoming cheaper, even though it's Inflation.
A. Sorry, it's Deflation when it comes to items. Please use the Divine Weapons and semi-Divine Weapons to your heart's content.

Q. The new classes' names are hideous. Change them?
A. The creator has no taste, that's all. If you're unhappy, please change them yourself.

Q. The new items' names are hideous. Cha-
A. The creator has-

Q. The icons are od-
A. The creato-

Q. The balance is bad. Adjust it properly.
A. The cr-

Q. Isn't there any other weapons from Monshou or other previous games, Parthia apart?
A. For the time being, there are Excalibur and Starlight - but, as far as your units are concerned, that's all. I also tried to make Maph (Imhullu) for enemies only. It looks just like Fenrir, but it's an atrocious long-range spell so beware.

Q. I think the support effects are too powerful...
A. Since you can't activate the effect of Charisma-bestowing weapons unless you equip them, I wonder if it would be best to swap weapons when not attacking. I've messed with the item structure, and ending up erasing the Charisma skill is fun.

Q. There are too many items in 2nd gen.
A. Please try using iron weapons sometimes. From arena's level 1.

Q. Don't you have any plans of introducing class selection?
A. Well, I tried. Incidentally, only Fin can select his promoted class in 1st gen. If you feel that this makes the balance collapse, that's just your imagination... probably. Those who have nothing better to do, please take a look at Skasaher's Astra Holsety. If Holyn is his father, Astra + Luna + Level A magic is brutal as well.

Q. Don't you plan on using the Divine Weapon patch (minor blood characters can use Divine Weapons with halved bonuses)?
A. Since there are very few pairings that can handle Falaflame and Thorhammer, I've introduced that feature in order to increase the number of possible pairings. However, it's only valid for those two.

Q. Don't you have any plans of changing the dialogues?
A. Nope... I'm too lazy to think about or change them. Anyway, I changed a little the item descriptions, Ch. 4 Andrei and Ch. 8's sisters' convos. Andrei's speech is quite popular, but I can't make him any more uke than that... I think. Since I've felt how it is to remodel the engine to the limit, I've started to thinking about remodeling the dialogues as well... however, in the end, I worked on other things and the dialogue alterations didn't go any further.

Q. What happened about the plan off adding attack halving cancellation effect to ring-type items?
A. Thanks to 542's assistance, I've finally implemented that. Thank you, thank you. The issue is... the ranking bug that happens when Celice beats Yurius while on horseback is still there.

Q. About Lachesis's relatives, it's annoying that they can use brother attacks.
A. They were originally supposed to be three siblings, so please forgive me. The enemy sisters that appear in 2nd gen can do it properly, as sisters. Be cautious when using Nihil-less children and Johan/Johalvier.

Q. Any plans of introducing personal weapons?
A. If there's demand... nah, I'll think about it if I have free time.

Q. About the Tomahawk being too large to be throwable.
A. Even though it's huge, its design allows it be quite lightweight, so it's throwable. Surely. However, since it's way too large, it looks odd when infantry units use it...

If you want to ask anything in the thread, go ahead.