Item data

Forced real animation items

Ichieval, Arbalest, Valkyrie, Aura, Again, Narga and Loputousu.

Ichieval, Arbalest and Aura are real-forced in order to avoid freezing when counter-attacking ballistae. Again had the same effect as Warp (when arriving), so I meddled to avoid making it look too common. Narga and Loputousu didn't have map effects originally.

New items

Klau Solas2590820 A+5+0+10+10+5+52x attack, re-move
Apocalypse2085610 B+0+5+5+5+0+5Indirect Yotsmungand,
Answerer15/30100520 A+0+0+10+10+5+5Drains HP, indirect magic, re-move, eff. vs axemen/armors
Brionac2590825 A+5+0+10+10+5+52x attack, 1~2 range
Pilum1470612 B+0+0+0+0+0+01~2 range, eff. vs mages/dark mages
Longinus22100620 A+0+0+5+5+5+51~2 range, eff. vs myrmidons/archers,
Poleaxe2060100 B+0+0+0+0+0+0Eff. vs knights/fliers
Tomahawk2880820 A+5+0+10+10+5+52x attack, 1~2 range,
Puji1475512 C+0+0+0+0+0+01~2 range, eff. vs fliers
Parthia2590720 A+5+0+10+10+0+52x attack, eff. vs fliers, re-move
Failnaught25120520 A+0+0+5+5+5+5Eff. vs fliers/dark mages, Magic-based attack ()
Arbalest30601410 B+0+0+0+0+5+52~5 range, eff. vs fliers,
Sunflame28100820 A+0+5+0+5+5+52x attack, eff. vs knights
Meteoburst301202030 A+0+0+10+10+5+53~10 range, eff. vs knights/fliers,
Maph301201550 A+0+5+10+10+5+53~10 range
Niflheim25100550 A+0+0+10+10+5+52x attack,
Excalibur25100325 A+0+0+5+10+0+52x attack, eff. vs fliers
Starlight25100520 A+0+5+10+10+5+52x attack, eff. vs dark mages/axemen/archers
Daim Thunder25110625 A+0+0+10+5+5+02x attack, eff. vs armors
Labrys2590725 A+0+0+5+10+5+51~2 range, eff. vs armors
Lance2850140 C+0+0+0+0+0+0Eff. vs knights
Again---- A+0+0+5+5+0+5Allows an ally to act again, range 1~10, re-move,
Nova's Gauntlet-----+5+0+5+5+0+0
Rosario-----+0+5+5+5+5+5MOV+3, all item-granted skills except Recover
Maira's Bracelet-----+5+0+5+5+5+0Pierces Loptousu,
Dain's Shield-----+0+0+0+0+5+5

About magic swords and stat bonuses

Since the magic swords feature not only indirect magic attacks, but stat bonuses as well, I've made dummy spells related to them so that the unit who used such weapons would enjoy said bonuses whether attacking directly or indirectly. Since I've moved the iron sword's stats, there's more room for new items. I've also replaced the empty spellbooks in the item stats data with rings, therefore opening up space for the magic swords' indirect magic attacks.

WeaponTypeAbilities (stat bonuses are the same)
Balmung30 ATK Light magic + stat bonuses
Answerer30 ATK Sword + stat bonuses
ApocalypseYotsmungand + stat bonuses
Fire SwordElfire + stat bonuses
Thunder SwordElthunder + stat bonuses
Wind SwordElwind + stat bonuses
Light SwordShine + stat bonuses
Earth SwordResire + stat bonuses
Failnaught25 ATK Light magic + stat bonuses (bow range)

Main changes to well-known items

Silence Sword→ Silence Sword (katakana → hiragana)
Sleep Sword→ Sleep Sword (katakana → hiragana)
Thief Sword→ Thief Sword (hiragana → katakana)
Slim Sword→ Rapier
Lightning→ Shine
Knight Killer→ Halberd
Life Bracelet→ Life Ring
Thief Bracelet→ Thief Ring
Fire SwordMAG+5
Wind SwordSPD+5
Thunder SwordSKL+5
Light SwordSPD/DEF/RES+5, eff. vs dark mages
Earth SwordSTR/MAG/SPD/RES+5, eff. vs dark mages
Prayer SwordEff. vs axemen,
Barrier SwordEff. vs mages/dark mages, deals magic damage
Defense SwordEff. vs axemen/armors
Armor CutterDrains HP (pierces Big Shield)
Wing Clipper2x attack
Mistortineff. vs knights, drains HP, Steal
Tyrfingeff. vs everything, 2x attack, Steal
Balmungeff. vs mages/dark mages, re-move, indirect magic attack (Thoron effect),
Gae Bolgeff. vs armors/fliers,
Swanthika2x attack
Ichieval2~3 range, re-move, drain HP
Holsetyeff. vs fliers, re-move
Shineeff. vs mages/dark mages
Resireeff. vs dark mages
Aura1~3 range, eff. vs dark mages
Falaflameeff. vs knights, re-move
Thorhammereff. vs armors, re-move
ValkyrieRe-move, etc. MAG/SKL/SPD/DEF/RES+5

Arch-type weapon bonuses and skills

Iron ArchDEF+10, RES+5,
Killer ArchSKL+10,
Great ArchSKL/SPD/DEF/RES+10, max range 15 (not displayed),

Extra ring bonuses and skills

Life RingRES+5
Elite RingSTR/RES+5
Thief RingSKL/SPD/DEF+5
Prayer BraceletSPD+5
Pursuit RingSKL/SPD+5
Bargain BraceletMAG/DEF+5,
Knight RingSPD+5, MOV+3,
Return RingSKL+5,
Leg RingRe-move
Power Ring
Magic Ring
Skill Ring
Speed Ring
Shield Ring
Barrier Ring
Recover RingSKL/SPD/RES+5

Item disposition

1st gen
2nd gen
Iron SwordAlec→ Ch. 6 shop
Iron SwordArdenc→ Ch. 6 shop
Steel SwordSigurd→ Ch. 7 shop
Steel SwordNoish→ Ch. 8 shop
Silver SwordPrologue Alvis → Sigurd→ Ch. 6 shop
Silver SwordBeowulf→ Ch. 9 shop
Iron BladeAyra→ Ch. 10 shop
Iron BladeBeowulf→ Ch. 6 shop
Steel BladeHolyn→ Ch. 7 shop
Steel Blade-Lakche
Silver BladeCh. 3 Shagall→ Ch. 7 Blume
Silver Blade-Shanan
Prayer SwordLachesis→ Ch. 8 Rian
Prayer Sword-Patty
Thief SwordCh. 2 Dew → Lachesis→ Ch. 6 Danan
Barrier Sword-Ch. 7 village (Laylea)
Leen (starting equip)
Barrier Sword-Hannival
Berserk Sword-Fee
Hero SwordCh. 3 Lex or Holyn → Ayra→ Ch. 8 Coluta
Hero Sword-Ch. 7 Patty → Celice
Silence Sword-Nanna
Sleep Sword-Delmud
RapierDew→ Ch. 6 shop
RapierEthlin→ Ch. 7 shop
RapierSylvia→ Ch. 8 shop
Defense SwordCh. 4 Tove (Mage Fighters)→ Ch. 8 shop
Defense Sword-Oifaye
Fire SwordAyra→ Ch. 7 shop
Earth SwordCh. 3 Eltoshan → Lachesis→ Ch. 9 shop
Thunder SwordCh. 3 Jacoban→ Ch. 8 shop
Wind SwordCh. 3 Dew (event)→ Ch. 10 shop
Light SwordCh. 2 Diadora → Ethlin→ Ch. 6 shop
Light Sword-Celice
TyrfingCh. 5 Sigurd (event)Ch. 10 Celice (event)
Balmung-Ch. 7 Patty → Shanan
Armor CutterCh. 2 village→ Ch. 8 shop
Wing ClipperCh. 3 village→ Ch. 9 shop
Klau SolasCh. 4 Leimia→ Ch. 10 Rideel
Iron LanceFinn→ Ch. 7 shop
Iron LanceAlec→ Ch. 7 shop
Steel LanceCuan→ Ch. 8 shop
Steel LanceArden→ Ch. 8 shop
Silver LanceCh. 2 Eliott→ Ch. 9 shop
Silver LanceCh. 3 captain (General)→ Ch. 9 shop
JavelinCuan→ Ch. 9 shop
JavelinCh. 1 shop→ Ch. 9 shop
HalberdCh. 2 Zain→ Ch. 7 Bramsel
Hero LanceCh. 2 Cuan → Finn→ Ch. 8 Muhamad
Hero Lance-Finn
Slim LanceFury→ Ch. 7 shop
Slim Lance-→ Fee
Gae BolgCh. 3 Ethlin → CuanAlthena
Brionac-→ Ch. 8 Blume
PilumSigurd→ Ch. 7 shop
LonginusFury→ Ch. 8 shop
LanceFinn→ Ch. 9 shop
Iron AxeLex→ Ch. 7 shop
Steel AxePrologue Gerrard→ Ch. 7 shop
Silver AxeCh. 3 captain (General)→ Ch. 6 Johan or Ch. 7 shop
Hero AxeCh. 1 Lex (event)→ Ch. 6 Schmitt
Hand AxeLex→ Ch. 6 Schmitt's army
Poleaxe-Ch. 6 Johalvier or Ch. 7 shop
Iron BowMidayle→ Ch. 7 shop
Steel BowJamka→ Ch. 7 shop
Silver BowCh. 3 captain (Bow Knight)→ Ch. 9 shop
Hero BowCh. 4 Adean → Jamka/Midayle→ Ch. 8 captain
Killer BowMidayle→ Ch. 8 Maikov
Killer BowBridget→ Ch. 7 shop
IchievalCh. 3 Adean → BridgetFaval
PartiaJamka→ Ch. 8 shop
FireAzel→ Ch. 7 shop
ElfireClaude→ Ch. 9 shop
BolganonAzel→ Ch. 10 Hilda
Sunflame-Ch. 8 Vampa
Falaflame-Ch. 10 Alvis
ThunderCh. 1 shop→ Ch. 7 shop
ThoronTiltyu→ Ch. 7 Ishtor
Daim Thunder-Ch. 8 Eriu
Thorhammer-→ Ch. 8 Ishtar
ElwindLevin→ Ch. 9 shop
TornadoCh. 4 Maios→ Ch. 9 Dislar
Excalibur-→ Ch. 8 Fetora
HolsetyCh. 4 Levin (event)-
ResireDiadoraCh. 6 Celice → Yuria
Ch. 8 Bishop
AuraDiadoraCh. 6 Celice → Yuria
Ch. 7 Melgen High Priest
Narga-F. Ch. Yuria (event)
Niflheim-F. Ch. Yuria (forced addition)
LifeEthlin→ Ch. 7 shop
RelieveLachesis→ Ch. 7 shop
RelieveAdean→ Ch. 8 shop
Relieve-Ch. 6 Rana → Yuria
RecoverCh. 4 captain (Mage Armor)→ Ch. 10 shop
ReblowCh. 2 Shagall→ Ch. 10 shop
ReserveClaude→ Ch. 9 Cappadocia Bishop
ReturnCh. 1 Adean → Ethlin→ Ch. 7 shop
WarpCh. 1 Dew → Adean→ Ch. 9 shop
RescueCh. 4 Azel → Adean
Ch. 5 Claude → Adean
→ Rana
RestCh. 3 village→ Ch. 9 shop
SilenceDiadora→ Ch. 8 shop
SleepCh. 2 Clement→ Ch. 10 shop
Berserk-Ch. 9 Hannival → Sharlow
Corple (starting equip)
Again-→ Ch. 7 shop
Elite RingCh. 2 Woltz→ Ch. 6 Johalvier
Elite Ring-Ch. 8 village
Thief Ring-Ch. 8 village
Prayer BraceletCh. 4 Deet'var→ Ch. 9 Arion
Pursuit RingCh. 2 Arden (event)→ Ch. 8 Ovo's army, etc.
Bargain BraceletCh. 2 village→ Ch. 7 Kutuzorv
Return RingCh. 2 Phillip→ Ch. 9 Kanatts
Return RingCh. 4 Gubli→ Ch. 6 Harold
Speed RingPrologue village→ Ch. 6 Johan
Speed Ring-Ch. 6 village
Magic RingCh. 1 Sandima→ Ch. 7 Lyza
Magic Ring- Ch. 10 village
Power RingCh. 3 Dovarl→ Ch. 9 Trabant
Shield RingLachesis→ Ch. 8 Ovo
Barrier RingCh. 2 Boldor→ Ch. 10 Dark Bishop
Barrier Ring-→ Ch. 9 village
Leg RingCh. 3 Silvail captain→ Ch. 10 Yurius
Skill RingCh. 1 Gandolf→ Ch. 7 Jabarow
Nova's Gauntlet-Ch. 7 village
Dain's Shield-Ch. 7 village
Rosario*SylviaLeen or Laylea
Maira's Bracelet*-Ch. 10 Celice (event)
Life RingCh. 3 Papiyon→ Ch. 10 Ishtar
Circlet*Diadora→ F. Ch. Yuria

Enemy-only weapons

Commentaries on the new items

Klau Solas

A heinous weapons that has high attack power, grants most item skills and hits twice. In a battle where Pursuit can be activated, it might be even stronger than the Balmung. Both enemies that drop it have sure-hitting type Sword Skills. The name's origin is one of the four treasures of Danann, Nuada's demon sword.


A magic sword that casts Yotsmungand on indirect attacks. There's no deep reason for its name.


Its indirect attack is stronger that the direct one. The effect is Hel, but the contents are more like a 30 Might bow. Its name originates from Light God Lugh's demon sword, also called Fragarach. Leaf has is from start because, if you look at his parents' names, he's supposed to be Lugh.


Among the new physical weapons, it was the one made the most fun of. Leadership bonuses aside, it is clearly stronger than the Divine Lances. The name comes from Lugh's devil lance, one of the four treasures of Danann.


A "mage killer" javelin that grants a Resistance bonus and is effective against Mage-type characters. The name comes from a type of spear used Roman soldiers. It's also said that the Roman soldiers used a weapon name from the Celtic myths for their spears. The guy from the Celtic legends flied around before attacking, so it probably was a quite absurd weapon.


It's a strong lance when you get it, but it's actually rather fragile compared to the other new items. Since I've made it for Fury to use, it gives Nihil. The name's origin is apparently the lance used to confirm Christ's death, but I'm not really sure. Even though it's a holy lance in Europe, it's treated as a cursed lance in Japan, so...


It's incredibly strong compared to the other weapons usable in the Prologue, but... it's heavier than axes and its hit rate is despairingly low until its user's Skill grows a bit. A horseback weapon used in duels and jousting tournaments. Since it was normally used by knights against knights, it's effective against horseback units. Just like BS' spears, its power increased the more you moved, which is quite interesting. It's said that in an old Record of Lodoss War PC game, the damage of a lance user on horseback would increase as he moved.


An anti-knight axe with a long handle. Since just that would be a bit too weak, I tried making it effective against fliers as well. The name is just that, long handle.


The strongest axe you can get. Aless is the one who initially holds it, but it has Nihil in order to make it usable for Johan and Johalvier. By the way, Ch. 1 Eltoshan holds this as well. The name comes from the all-purpose axe used by the native North Americans. It has no relation with the cruise missile.


A stronger hand axe. I can't remember the details, but the name comes from a type of axe from somewhere near India. I have some memories of it being shaped more like a dagger than an axe.


Hannival's starting equipment, a quite strong throwable axe. I believe the name comes from a holy ceremonial axe used for offering sacrifices. It's the etymological root of the famous maze, Labyrinth. I don't really care about its relation with the Minotaur. Anyway, I can't think the episode of the Minotaur's birth as anything other than madness.


Even though you get it in the beginning of the game, it's the strongest bow in many aspects. If you hope to defeat Eltoshan in Chapter 3, you'll have no choice but to rely on this. The name's origin is a bow taken from a dark dragon. Originally the name of a country?


Even though this bow is quite strong, it probably won't see any use unless you're using substitutes. It first appears as Andrei's weapon in Chapter 4, but you can't get it until 8. It's an odd bow that attacks with Magic against Resistance. There are issues with different attack power displays in the status screen and during actual use. Thanks to this weapon's Charisma skill and a close formation, the Final Chapter's Beigeritter is abnormally strong. The name comes from Tristan's bow. Don't you think that Tristan and Dimna would be better off with swapped names?


With 2~5 range, this is a mid-range bow. The extra range is good but the fact you can't fully see it is a weak point. It's Lester's and Dimna's starting weapon, but its weight is an issue. Among the enemies, only Bramsel, Darna's lord, has one of these - however, since you can't see its full range (as mentioned), caution is needed to avoid a surprise attack. Since its range allows sniping Loputousu from beyond its counterattack range, it could secretly be of use in the Final Chapter... however, Maph's counterattack is deadly as well. The name comes from a real large crossbow model.


The double-attacking fire spell. Among this weapon's abilities, probably the most important one is the Magic bonus. Thanks to the massive amount of skills this tome bestows, enemies with it are stronger than they seem. Effects are Aura's in map battle and Elfire's in real. The name comes from Rishel's personal tome in TearRing Saga.


Alvis's personal long-range fire tome. Due to its outrageous Hit and Might, entering its range carelessly is dangerous. Its name has no deep meaning.


A long-range dark spell used by Yurius and Manfloy. Since this one has outrageous abilities as well, I don't recommend entering its range without support. If you're curious about its name, please ask mister Gharnef.


The double-attacking dark spell. It's bonuses and attack power are high, but its main threat is the critical rate. However, since children with Nihil are generally abundant, this high critical rate is generally meaningless. Yuria gets it in the Final Chapter. Effect is Yotsmungand's. I used this name just because I needed another fitting name for a dark spell.


The double-attacking wind spell. Thanks to the massive amount of skills this tome bestows, enemies with it are stronger than they seem. Its effect is Elwind's, although palette-swapped in map battle. The name's origin is Merric's traditional personal tome. It's also supposed to be King Arthur's sword, but nobody knows why it became a spell.


The double-attacking light spell. Thanks to its item skills, stat bonuses and might, its power could even exceed that of Divine Weapons. If it isn't "for" Sety, it'll be Hawk's starting weapon and main force. Its effect is Lightning's, with a touch of Totsmungand in the map animation - for a moment, you can see a strange face-like thing in it. Something like that. It's inspired in FE's traditional Starlight Explosion.

Daim Thunder

The double-attacking thunder spell. This too has a crapload of item skills, coupled with thunder magic's characteristic high Hit. Effect is Thoron, with a palette change and some altered sub effects in the map animation. The original one appeared in Thracia 776, a magic tome of Olwen's and Reinhardt's exclusive use.


The ultimate cheating device. Coupled with a Dancer, it allows multiple actions until the staff charges are used up. I've barely used it myself when playing, except for testing purposes. Its effect is from the almost unused Rest staff. Since it's forced real, it has no map animation. Since Big Shield and re-move are abundant, I guess this would be most useful to use on infantry units.

Dain's Shield

A shield that protects from effective weaponry and critical hits, granting Nihil. It's a mystery why it's in a village so far away from Thracia, but it probably has something to do with its closeness to Darna. In the Final Chapter, all of Arion's subordinates have it, but they're all copies. The original is yours.

Noba's Gauntlet

Combined with Dain's Shield, it allows a physical unit to obtain perfect bonuses. Originally, I was planning to have Althena hold the set.


A strange unsellable item held by dancer units. It takes the dancer's support abilities to the limit with its stat bonuses and full skill load. It seems that all high-ranking members of the Church of Edda have one, but details are unknown.

Maira's Bracelet

First of all... those who have played Seisen and ask "who's Maira?", please die. This is an anti-Loptousu item received by Celice from the zombies (?) of his parents. Since it's a bracelet filled with grudge against Loptousu, enough to tear its attack halving effect apart, he who holds it is cursed with unhappiness... okay, I lie.