Class stats

Social Knight2215212121158-BC--------Knight (-)Knight-
Sword Knight2215222121158-B---------Knight (-)Knight-
Lance Knight2215212122158--B--------Knight (-)Knight-
Axe Knight2215212221158---B-------Knight (-)Knight-
Arch Knight2215212121158----B------Knight (-)Knight-
Trobadour2018212120188-B--------BKnight (-)Knight-
Lord Knight2625262626259BAA-------Knight (+)Knight10
Master Lord2727282827279AAABBBBB-AKnight (+)Knight20
Master Knight2722272727229 AAAAAAAB-AKnight (+)Knight10
Paladin2622262626229ABB-------Knight (+)Knight5
Lady Knight2522262625249BC--CCCC-BKnight (+)Knight5
Valkyrie2526282825279 AB--BBBA-AKnight (+)Knight10
Forest Knight2520303025229A---------Knight (+)Knight5
Grand Knight2720272727229-A-B------Knight (+)Knight5
Great Knight2815282828229 --A-------Knight (+)Knight10
Bow Knight2520282825229---A------Knight (+)Knight5
Arrow Knight2622282825259 C--A------Knight (+)Knight10
Mage Knight2327272723279B---BBB--BKnight (+)Knight5
Wizard Knight2428282824289 A---AAA---Knight (+)Knight10
Black Knight2822272728249 ABAB------Knight (+)Knight10
Iron Knight2820252530228 AABB------Armor (+)Knight10
Dark Paladin2427272724279 B---BBB-ABKnight (+)Knight5
Pegasus Knight2220222720228BB--------FlierFlier-
Falcon Knight2424273023279 BA-------BFlierFlier5
Dragon Rider2415222224158-CB--------FlierFlier-
Dragon Knight2516232326169-BB--------FlierFlier-
Dragon Master2818252528189 AA--------FlierFlier5
Dragon Lord2822272728229AA--------FlierFlier10
Sargeant2720282825207 BBBB------InfantryMyrmidon10
Lord2725303027257 AAAA------InfantryMyrmidon20
Princess2022232520226BC-------CL. InfantryMyrmidon5
Dancer2018222318206C---------L. InfantryMyrmidon-
Sword Dancer2222252820227 B---------L. InfantryMyrmidon10
Thief Fighter2220253020208 B---------ThiefMyrmidon10
Thief Princess2322283022228 B---------ThiefMyrmidon20
Swordmaster2720303024227 A---------MercenaryMyrmidon20
Sword Emperor3024303025247 A---------MercenaryMyrmidon30
Free Fighter2215242422156BC--------MercenaryMyrmidon-
Mercenary2822302825227 AB--------MercenaryMyrmidon15
Bow Fighter2215252520156---A------MercenaryArcher-
Sniper2722303025227 ---A------MercenaryArcher15
Forrest2720303024227 B--B------MercenaryArcher20
Guard Armor2415201825155-BBBB------Armor (-)Armor-
Mage Armor1822212026225-----BBBC-BArmor (-)Armor-
General2820252330206AAAA------Armor (+)Armor5
Duke2822272530226 AAAAAAAC-AArmor (+)Armor15
Emperor3030303030306 A---AAAA-AArmor (+)Armor25
Axe Fighter2415202424156--A-------H. InfantryAxeman-
Warrior2820262827227 --AB------H. InfantryAxeman10
Fire Mage1525212117226-----B-----MageMage-
Thunder Mage1522242117226------B----MageMage-
Wind Mage1522212417226-------B---MageMage-
Mage Fighter2228282822277B---BBBB-BMageMage10
Mage Lord2530283022287 B---AAAA-BL. InfantryMage20
Sage2030283018287 ----AAAB-BMageMage15
Queen2030253025307 ----AAABBAMageMage20
High Priest1828272718287----CCCB-AMageMage-
Shaman1624232318256-------BBBS. MageMage-
Master Mage2030303020307 ----AAAAAAS. MageMage20
Dark Mage1625232322255 ----CCC-BBS. MageD. Mage-
Dark Bishop2030252525306 ----AAA-AAS. MageD. Mage10
Dark Prince2030303025306 ----AAA-A-D. PrinceD. Mage20
Long Arch2015201520150----A------ArchArcher-


Mov. costPlainsRoadBridgeForestD. ForestMountainH. MtnCliffRiverSeaSandDesertTown*
Knight (-)1003-7----241
Knight (+)1003-3----131
L. Infantry100262-6--121
H. Infantry100262----131
Armor (-)1002-5----251
Armor (+)1002-3----231
S. Mage100242----121
D. Prince1001515555111

*Includes church, ruins and castle gate.

Terrain effects

PlainsRoad*ForestD. ForestMountainH. MtnSeaSandTownRuinsChurchGateArena

*Also bridge, cliff, river and desert.

About the new classes

Master Lord

A cavalry unit with unfair stats that exceeds the Master Knight in all parameters, except for some weapon levels. Added to Celice's Leadership, this class has a top-notch battle power even without a Divine Weapon. I've made the shield myself. Since Because of an alteration in controls, it moves faster than other horseback classes in real battle.


A dismounted class used by Celice and Leaf. It allows use of fewer weapons than the mounted classes, but its Skill and Speed are higher. Those who like the Prince-style critical motions will enjoy using swords and axes with this class. Movement graphics, icon and map battle are the same as the Prince class'.


This could be described as the advanced version of the Lady Knight class (previously female Paladin). They can use swords and lances, but they're most effective using magic or magic swords. The real battle shield is a palette swap of the General class'. I've made the map battle, icon and movement graphics myself.

Arrow Knight

Advanced version of the Bow Knight class. These units can use low rank swords in addition to bows. Map battle is a synthesis of Duke Knight's and Bow Knight's. Icon and movement graphics are of my devising. As far as horseback bow users go, this class rivals the Master Lord in power. The real battle shield, which appears when a sword is used, is a color swap of the Great Knight's.

Wizard Knight

Basically advanced Mage Knights. They're unable to use staves, but have superior attack power. Icon, movement graphics, map battle and the real animation shield were made by me.

Black Knight

Stat-wise, this an advanced Paladin. Since it has many skills, mooks of this class aren't to be underestimated. As the name says, the real battle sprite is black. Icon, movement graphics and map battle by yours truly. The shield is a color swap of Aless's (default units) and Elto's (Aless and Elto) shields in vanilla.

Iron Knight

A horseback class notable by its hardness. Basically a mounted General. Its maneaurability is lower compared to other promoted knights but, due to the way terrain effects are set, it can move 4 squares in forests. Icon and movement graphics borrowed from 542's RM. Map battle by me. Real battle shield is a color swap of the Emperor's. Because of an alteration made in the real battle controls, it moves slower than other horseback classes there.

Dark Paladin

Knights belonging to the Lotpo Church. Since they have many class skills, even the mooks aren't to be ignored. Even though they can use both swords and magic, magic is their forte. Icon and movement graphics by me. Map battle is a Paladin edit.

Dragon Lord

The supreme dragon-riding class. Even though it has improved Resistance, it isn't enough for relief in the Final Chapter. Due to Gae Bolg's overwhelming power, this class' fighting style is basically killing before getting killed. The icon was created based on Thracia's Dragon Master. Because of an alteration made in the real battle controls, it moves faster than other dragon-riding classes.


One of the few infantry classes. It has quite high offense and defense but, due to movement costs, it can't go through cliffs. It can employ all physical weapon types but, since the base rank is only B, it looks a bit poor. I made the icon based on Thracia's Mercenary. Real animation is 542's Hand Axe/Lance/Bow-using Prince. Map battle graphics are a remodeled Forrest.

Sword Dancer

Dancer's promoted class. An odd class that has Astra as skill. You could say that such skill won't be really useful, though, since it's mainly a support class. Icon by me.

Thief Princess

I had decided otherwise before but, after giving it more thought, I decided not to give it access to any new mysterious weapons. It's basically a slightly stronger Thief Fighter. Icon by me.

Sword Emperor

Shanan-only, a stronger Swordmaster. Has an oddly high critical hit rate and absurd power. Icon and movement graphics by me.

Free Fighter

A rare unpromoted class, among the new classes. Infantry unit that can use swords and axes. I made the icon based off... something from Thracia (really, I forgot what it was). Map battle is a remodeling of the Swordfighter's. Johalvier's map battle is a remodeling of the Axe Fighter's. The real animation is a Thracia Axe Fighter transplant, thanks to 542.


Even though I'm calling it a new class, it's just a Forrest with a changed name. Since 542 made an axe using motion for real animation, it can now use axes as well. Since its map animation is Soldier-type-based, it can use axes in map animation as well.


Infantry unit that can use bows and swords. Since it uses Forrest and Sniper animations in real battle, palette swapping is improper. The icon is based off Thracia's sniper for the males, and a remodeled Forrest for females. It might be odd that it can use bows even though the class name means "frontline fighter", but firing an arrow and then charging into close combat isn't an odd fighting style, I swear.

Guard Armor

In order to adjust the number of classes, I've merged all unpromoted Armors into this one. The used icon is linked to the weapon in the first equipment slot. Due to this, the icon controlling area has swelled needlessly.

Mage Armor

Magic-using Armors. The walking graphics were annoying to make, so I just adapted the General's. Icon by me, again based off the General's. Real animation shield by me, as well. Since Generals and unpromoted Armors can't use magic, I adapted the Baron's sprite for the map battle.

Mage Lord

A superior Mage Fighter. Uses the Mage Fighter sprite for movement and map battle. The male real animation is Mage Fighter's, but the sword animation control is the same as the Prince's and, as such, the sword critical hit motions follow the Prince/Princess patterns. For the female real animation, I used 542's Princess remodeling. Icon-wise, male is a Mage Fighter remodeling, while female is based on Thracia's female dismounted Paladin, although it doesn't really resemble the original anymore. If you make Holyn!Skasaher into a Mage Lord and have him use A rank magic, he can activate Luna + Astra with a hero-like weapon, displaying the strength of an angry god.

Master Mage

As the name says, a magic expert. An advanced Sage. The male icon is a remodeling based on Thracia's sage, while the female one is a Shaman edit. For map battle and movement, used the Sage sprite for males and Shaman's for females.

Renamed classes

Removed classes

Junior Lord, Mountain Thief, Hunter, Pirate, Civilian (child).