Terrain recovery effects

The recovery effect of gates and thrones has been drastically increased.
In the case of seize map bosses, it's better to devise a plan to defeat them in a single turn.

Also, houses, shops and some stair tiles provide a 10% healing effect.
Use them wisely.

Moving again after attacking

Mounted units () are now able to move again after attacking.
However, this is a player-only feature, so enemies just wait after attacking, as usual.
This may sound like an advantage for the player, but this hack has been balanced with that in mind.

Rescue restrictions

The rescue system works a bit differently from in the original Sacred Stones, where mounted units could be rescued.
In this hack, mounted units () cannot be rescued; balancing was made considering that.


The supports are basically correspondent to the original relations in Sacred Stones,
with som additions for the extra characters.
However, there aren't any support dialogues, only a "support level up" message.
(Those support convos are unviewable from the beginning. Since they're just too many, I'm still considering their implementation.)
Also, the support point increase rate has been raised, and there should be a restriction on the amount that can be obtained in a given chapter.

Furthermore, there are no limits on how many supports an unit can have.
If you're having a hard time, try building some supports.
However, beware: the status screen display will crumble if an unit reaches seven supports.

Also, the extra characters have generally fewer support options.

Secret shop

In this hack, the Creature Campaign-only secret shop
can still be used, even though it had a slight name change.
Those who think it's lame, please refrain from using it.

Saving in the tower/ruins

It's now possible to save in all free maps, in the Tower of Valni and in the Lagdou Ruins.
It's especially recommended not to use savestates in the ruins, since I didn't debug them enough.


- Ballistae can't be used by the player, and can't move anymore either.
Also, all of them had their number of uses increased by 10.

- Since some text of all extra functions has been changed, there are some odd parts.
Moreover, somehow the Sound Room is fully unlocked from the start.