Other than attack speed, the way stats work is pretty much unchanged.
However, the maximum cap has been changed to 31, except for luck (30) and HP (60).

Also, using stat boosters allows raising a stat beyond its cap.

(Look at the differences between the images above.)

Class change

Class change works just like in the original game; it can be done anytime after an unit reaches level 10.
However, some of the promotion options have been changed.
Also, all trainee classes are able to become super trainees regarless of how many the game has been cleared.

* Furthermore, all characters' growth rates have been adjusted by +/-10%,
and growths are influenced by class like in Shadow Dragon.

Class Swap

This is probably the most important system in this hack.
By using a special item at any time after reaching level 10 in an advanced class,
a character may swap her class to three other options.

It's important to not that, unlike in Shadow Dragon, All weapon levels are preserved as they are
upon class swapping


This Serra is a Bishop, but her Magic, Speed and Defense are above her caps.
That may have been because:
1. Stat boosters were used.
2. She leveled in a class with higher caps, then class changed to Bishop with high stats.
3. Improved thanks to the class change bonuses.

Weapon ranks

First of all, let's explain the situation of those weapon levels.

Anima: Was raised to D rank in another class, but it's been greyed since she promoted to Bishop.
In this case, weapon rank cannot be improved even if the character can still use that weapon type.
Light: Common case. This class allows increasing its rank and, since the limit hasn't been reached yet,
she can raise her weapon level by using that weapon type.
Dark: In this case, learning is possible, but the character has already reached the class' limit.
In this hack, there's no restriction of only one S rank; however, each class has fixed max weapon ranks.
Staff: A weapon that has reached S rank. No matter the class, S rank is displayed in this color.
Also, bonuses are received when using a non-staff weapon of his rank.
About battle animations: basically, magic-using classes could already use all types of magic.
However, physical classes are locked to map animations when using weapons they originally couldn't.
Please understand.

Have fun raising your favorite characters to their limits.
However, there are some who might be hard to max out even if you favor them.
Again, main character classes and Manakete class characters can use that same item or some others
in order to class change into their own class, receiving the class change bonus again and restarting from level 1.

Since they can't become other classes, like the regular classes do,
use the stat boosting items and class change bonuses to aim for the max.

About enemy units

Enemy units may have up to level 30.
Also, they're far stronger than in the original game.
The promoted units have S rank in all weapons they can use.
Also, the unpromoted enemies above level 20 have stats above 20 as well.