About the skills

In this hack, every class has received one soldier skill.
Since mounted units can move after attacking, I've tried making the infantry units' skills stronger.
Also, if some skills are displayed oddly, a bug may be happening.
Those who want to experience this hack without being spoiled, beware.
Also, Great Knights and Mage Knights don't have skills.
I can't favor them too much since they're mounted units, but I still want to give them skills.

Battle skills

The already existing battle skills had their activation rates changed.
Their effects have also changed a bit, so beware.
Also, enemies have battle skills as well, so beware of new skills.
* Currently, if "Cancel" and "Corrosion" activate in the same battle and animations are on,
a bug on the attack confirmation has been confirmed to happen. However, it's believed that it doesn't hinder gameplay.

Adds 20% to the critical rate.

When this skill is activated, the enemy's Defense is reduced to 1/4 during that attack.

If Pierce is activated in this case,
42-(20/4)=37 damage will be caused.

A magic-type Pierce.
When this skill is activated, the enemy's Resistance is reduced to 1/4 during that attack.

If Moonshadow is activated in this case,
41-(10/4)=39 damage will be caused

Great Shield
When being attacked, this skill will halve damage taken if activated.

If Great Shield is activated in this case,
Only 16/2=8 damage will be taken.

Sure Strike
When activated, this skill allows an attack to hit regardless of the actual hit percentage.
No real change other than the classes that have it.

If the opponent is a monster, all weapons used will deal effective damage.
However, differently from the regular SS, the damage adjustment is 1.5x.

In this picture, Magic 23+(weapon's might 7 x 1.5)=33
Again, since weapons beat magic, the damage is reduced by 1, for a total of 32.

The units with this skill can use 2~2 range weapons as if they have 2~3 range.
(It's the same as Marksmen's ability in Radiant Dawn.)
The attack range is displayed as 2~2 in the status screen, but it's actually processed as 2~3.

It works differently from in the Radiance series,
adding the user's CON to the damage dealt.

In this case, damage is 14 and CON is 14 as well.
Therefore, a total of 28 damage is dealt.

If this skill activates and the attack hits,
the enemy's counterattack and/or pursuit attack are cancelled.

In this picture, two 99% hit attacks are cancelled,
and the fight ends with no damage received.

If this skill activates and the attack hits,
the enemy's counterattack and/or pursuit attack are cancelled, and its weapon is completely destroyed.

However, if the opponent is a boss unit the () weapon, with unlimited uses,
cannot be destroyed.

Map skills

Basically, command skills or skills that ordinarily happen on the map.
Since they're extremely powerful, make good use of them.
Except for Steal, map skills are player-exclusive.

Unlike in the original Sacred Stones, weapons can be stolen as well. However, there are some conditions.
Also, using this skill or not may greatly change the way this hack is played.

1. First, the stealing character's Speed must be higher than the target's (20 > 16).

2. Next, the target's HP must be at 25% or less. (The blue-type weapons can be certainly handy for doing that reliably.)

3. About the stealable items are:
- Items, equipments below B rank;
- A- rank equipments that AREN'T in the top slot;
- The target can't be a boss unit;
- The item can't be a () monster-type.
Those are the conditions.

You need to reduce the target's HP to 25% even if you want to steal an item.
Also, unlike in the other FEs, a character can steal even if she lacks Strength.
This only applies to the player. Generally, enemies who clear the Speed requirement will only steal items.

Just like usual, dancing allows one adjacent unit to act again.
However, since there are too many units with the Dance skill in this hack,
units with the Dance skill cannot be granted a new action.

Summons a cursed doll.
Just like in Sacred Stones, the doll's inventory changes depending on the summoner's level.
Also, since these units are able to dance and use recovery staves, they can be used as lures or healers, but are very fragile.
It isn't by any means mandatory, but it's good to have at least one unit in your army who can use this.
The units are summoned in standby condition. (It's been confirmed that Lv. 1 summoners can summon units who are yet to take an action. That's a bug.)

Also, you can summon up to five doll in one map at any given time. Replacing the fallen ones is also possible.
(If you try summoning when there are already 5 dolls on the map, no doll will appear but the summoner will still gain 10 EXP. Treat that as a glitch, for the time being.)

Units with this skill can, after moving all they can and doing anything but wait,
move again as if they had 3 remaining movement points.

First Aid
A character with the First Aid skill can use a Heal staff (only).
However, she won't be able to equip it, even though staves are equippable in this hack.
Also, the amount of recovered HP is Resistance+10

So, this would mean a recovery of 26+10=36 HP.

Recovers 15% of max HP at the start of every turn.
In the image below, 15% of 60 is 9.
Also, this recovery is cumulative with terrain-induced healing.

An unit with this skill won't have her Skill or Speed halved when rescuing.
However, it's displayed as half + half.
(This will be fixed, eventually.)