Story and scenarios

The story is basically unchanged from the usual Sacred Stones'.
Since this hack gives more importance to mechanics over story,
dialogues are only changed to accommodate the new characters.
I actually tried a lot of things, but I don't have the creativity of other authors.
Also, there are many mistakes and contradictions in the dialogues, sorry for that...
(The dialogue changes were made considerably easy thanks to the text editing tools's creator. Thank you very much.)

The "Ephraim" scenario was changed to Blazing Sword's "Lyn", being fully playable.
However, Eirika's path is still being remodeled, so you can't choose her scenario in the selection screen yet.


Most maps have been changed.
The events at the beginning of each chapter are pretty much the same, but classes, reinforcements, weapons and objects were changed.
Some victory conditions have been changed as well.
Also, there are some maps that might make you go "hey, I remember this!",
but I believe there's no ill in enjoying some nostalgia.
By the way, beware of suspicious terrain features.

The Creature Campaign hasn't been modified a lot yet.
The later half of the free maps/Lagdou Ruins had their difficulty already adjusted,
but the maps and enemy disposition are still pretty much the same.
* Perhaps I'll change them next time.


As mentioned above, some characters were replaced,
so all units you can have in your army are female characters from the GBA games of the series.
(Personally, I like all FE characters, with no special preference for females.
However, when I noticed it this hack had already becomes like this. Sorry for that.)

Also, their starting classes are often far different from their original ones.
Moreover, Sword of Seals and Blazing Sword characters appear together when they shouldn't,
so please consider that an adult matter. (I tried to leave it at that as much as I could in the dialogues.)

Also, with rare exceptions, the enemy units are basically made of female classes as well.

However, at this point, bosses are female units even if they're males.
Basically, there aren't many villain characters, so things became like this.
If you find this unpleasant, please skip the dialogues with all your might.

Difficulty levels

Presently, only the "normal" difficulty has been adjusted.

Also, like shown in the image, you can't choose any difficulty other than normal.
It's fixed like this because I haven't debugged the other difficulties yet.
(I've made it so that the top and bottom options are normal modes as well, but it's probably better to select the middle option.)

As for game balance, experience and growth rates are higher than usual, so it might be easier than usual.
However, maybe it's because I'm horrible at FE, but some parts feel quite difficult;
If that's the case, try using some of the free maps.

My own debug play was until the end of Chapter 19, using the least amount of free maps I could.