Item changes

- The abilities of some existing weapons have been changed.

- Changed the defense piercing effects into defense halving.
Affected weapons are Luna, 1 range bows, Mogall weapons and dragon breath type.

- Stat boosters have three uses, but have weaker effects per use.

- Treasure-type items have become more numerous and give large amounts of money.
This was done for balance purposes.

Added items

- A "blue" series of weapons that can't crit, like in Radiant Dawn.

- A series of training weapons which have only 1 durability, but greatly raise Weapon Rank.
Naturally, the enemy defeat bonus still apply, so use them wisely.

- Special range bows.

And a few other additions.

Staff changes

Staves are now equippable items.
They don't allow attacking like in Radiant Dawn, but equipping them grants stat bonuses and healing.

Basically, staves are equipped when used.
However, enemy units who use staves that aren't in their first item slot won't equip them.

Holy weapon changes

Holy weapons now have unlimited uses.
However, you cannot double with them.
Also, their attack power has been increased, but overall they've become more difficult to use effectively.

Latona's staff has an oddly displayed range, but it actually works on the whole map.
However, its full recover effects only works on units who are on the verge of dying.
When healing status conditions, recovery will also happen as a bonus.