Bugs and workarounds

I try and debug it again and again, but some issues are just difficult to fix, no matter what I do. I'm sorry.
Some bugs are listed in the respective sections, so please refer to them.
Again, the spoiler-related bugs are listed in the spoiler section.

- In the status and support screens, there are times when the display becomes grambled.

- As characters have been added, there's a possibility that the support completion percentage might be odd.

- Since special ranges have been added, there may be cases where the display of attack range of an equipped weapon might be odd.

- In some imported animations, graphics might be odd and sound may be absent. Please understand.

- I've made the shooter animation using Fuuin as reference, but there are some cases - like in the naval fleet - where palettes might be odd.

- I don't know if there are other cases, but it has been confirmed that the game may freeze due to Fimbulvetr's effect.
If that happens, resetting the game and loading a suspended data should fix it.

- I've fixed the bug in which enemies using Reserve obtained experience, but it still might happen in other cases.

Enemies won't have their first staff replaced even after using their second one.

- Since staves are now treated as weapons, it has been confirmed that if your army's staff ranges are shown after the enemies', sometimes there's a bug that won't allow displaying of non-staff ranges.
If that happens, please display the attack range of a character with a physical weapon.
Again, since 1 range staves are treated as weapons, characters who only have staves have a displayed attack range.

- In the prologue, if you defeat the boss before the event happens, the new recruited unit appears in the boss' place.
I'll fix this eventually. (Thanks to those who reported this.)

- An unit can move again after being petrified because of a Stone counterattack in the player phase.
It's actually harmless, so no issue.

- I've fixed the Manakete inducement bug related to making five doll summons, but perhaps that kind of bug might still exist in other forms.
Try not to summon five dolls if you haven't saved for a long time.